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Shop for photoart and pigment artwork based on themed collections. All for original people. Each image may be ordered as apparel, decor items, (my favorite) the Weekender Bag, towels, electronics covers, totes, mugs, and much more. See the options you can choose posted with every selection of Art in my Shop. Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 👉Remember to check the TOP of the home web page for DISCOUNT CODE listings!


Original art for original people. Each image may be purchased as a canvas, apparel, facemask, decor items, electronics covers, tote, mug, towels, and more. See the options under every selection of Art, each with a 30-day guarantee on each purchase. Shop for the original looks you feel drawn to, and don't forget to check the ANNOUNCEMENT BAR at the top of the site for DISCOUNT announcements.


Pamela Smale Williams Pamela Smale Williams Artography combines photography with digital painting and pigment painting to create a different final art piece. "It's own kind of genre, I coined the term "Artography" in 2009 for the process that blends photography techniques and both pigment art and digital paint as a mixed media all its own". It's both ART and PHOTOGRAPHY in an inspirational progression by artists' evolution into digital mixed mediums.


Art news, works in progress, and new artwork announcements visit http://facebook.com/ArtographyPamela
More news also at the social media sites listed below.

Charities and non profits are welcome to contact the artist to arrange art as auction items and terms, or to use as donations.
Some of Artography by Pamela artworks have previously been donated and auctioned for:
The Shriners of Plano
The Dallas Margarita Society, and
Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue txigrescue.org

* My work 'Out There', photographed, painted, digipainted, or modeled: ALL IMAGES ARE OWNED AND ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY PAMELA SMALE WILLIAMS, ARTography by Pamela, and Image Wizards Photography in Texas. Purchase does not transfer reproduction rights, only for personal use that is not reproduced or displayed publicly.
Please browse my Galleries and feel free to reach me for any questions or if you need assistance, selecting a mat or frame, accent pillow, phone cover, tote, weekender bag, apparel, or any other of the great products available that may display my art for purchase.
*To negotiate a fee for use for a time to be agreed upon and without perpetuity, please contact Pamela directly.
*None of the images on this site are available for free use so please do not duplicate them.
*Purchase of prints does not transfer reproduction rights.
All my artwork is registered copyright with all rights reserved: ©Pamela Smale Williams,
© ARTography by Pamela, and © Image Wizards Photography.

My passion for photography and arts combines with other mediums and interests: History, metaphysics, humanism, anthropology, psychology, botany, interior and architectural design, 16th century European history, jewelry design, fairy tales, myths and legends, creative writing, science, archaeology, floral landscape and design, and gardening .... influencing and inspiring the photoart I create, and for you to enjoy! Thank you to my supporters and previous purchase patrons!
Born in Dallas and a 6th generation native Texan, Pamela creates works now outside of Linden, near Jefferson Texas -- Queen of the turn of the century historical towns in east Texas.
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